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Looking for this in navy. Its a quilted, insulated jacket with suede trim at the cuffs and collar. It was my favorite jacket from last year. I own it in small but I've bulked up a bit and need a Medium. They're not making the Fischer this year and I'm not to stoked on the replacements. I will also trade for my size small if by some wonderful stroke of luck that happens to make sense.
Price dropped to $165 including overnight FedEx shipping in the states.
On eBay, sorry. The pea coat is NWT. Parka. Size Small. Pea Jacket. Size Medium. NWT.
Buyer flaked. Price dropped to $185 including FedEx overnight in the ConUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Racing Green Sold my Mille Miglia earlier this year. No regrets since until I saw the pictures above. Haha. When I couldn't afford such a thing, I was obsessed with it. Then when I could afford it, I was over it. That was until two years ago when Barneys had an awesome in-store display for the 20th anniversary. I finally cracked.
Quote: Originally Posted by fabiomassimo Plase don't call it "google", as "goggle" will do Plase and thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis ah ok, yeah that isn't that much. when you say "I spend thousands there each year" it sounds like you drop 3 to 5 grand or something each year... I do and there's nothing wrong with that. I am in my early 30's with a wife, career, etc. and it's a lot easier to drop a few grand every season on some new staples and have it delivered to my front door than it is to sift through the endless e-stores of...
I love CP Company. I don't know if I would lump a lot of their stuff in with the neo-heritage brands but I've always felt that Nom de Guerre has borrowed its fair share of inspiration from old CP Company gear. The google parka is / was / will always be a classic. Anyone ever see the Chapelle Show where he's rocking it?
Recently purchased from Oi Polloi but I would like to try it in a size larger. It's completely sold out at Oi Polloi so I don't have the ability to exchange it. It was $220 + shipping originally. I am asking $165 + I will ship it to you next day FedEx in the ConUS free of charge. If by some rare chance you bought this in a size medium and think you need a size small, I would be happy to make that swap. I haven't sold on the forum in a few years but you can see my...
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