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Banned on sufu= increased post count on SF
I have several pairs and the Barrie is my favorite... The Plaza is too pointy for my taste...
^ I usually don't comment on pics, but I like that a lot as well...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL I need to find someone to work there first. Finding an employee should be easy out here... At least you'll have us consumers ready to purchase from the start!
I'm just waiting for the Los Angeles, Leather Souls to open up before I make my next Alden purchase! I have the AF53 from Alden of Carmel and they are great.
I got a brown bomber jacket from TOJ about a month back, quality and fit were spot on. I will definitely be a return customer.
I was at the Bev Hills Barneys and they weren't on sale...
Verizon, Motorola Droid... Been using it since release day and it's been great!
Went on a nice ride this morning up Angeles Crest... LA is nice year around to ride!
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Seriously, there isn't a rule book. Just make it look good and not like a lame ass. Good costumes overall. I don't know who bear jew is but it looks a lot like the picture. I thought i was working until the last minute so had to get a costume at 7pm saturday night. It was sad but i just pulled from my closet like 3-4 ideas. I ended up with what seemed like a mixture of neo from the matrix and the guy with a...
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