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Dior Homme: 315 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 A.P.C.: Melrose and Croft Fogo De Chao: La Cienega Gyu Kaku: good happy hour Seven Grand: Downtown LA, whiskey bar, great selection!
I'll cruise down to the Bev Hills store this weekend and check them out... Should have gone today, had lunch at Fogo De Chao's (food coma afterwards) and cruised by the Ducati and APC store...
-Lanvin trainers -APC black raw NS I want some grey jeans, does anyone know if Dior has some in the 19cm cut?
I just got the NS black raw at the APC store in LA... They are priced at $165
Fuuma, sick jeans! Snake, very nice, the leather looks great and I like the mmm sneaks!
I really don't need anything right now, so I just buy items I really want and the occasional impulse buy. Just bought some Lanvin trainers and will probably be picking up another leather soon.
^very nice!
I like the scarf, not crazy about the other items...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger so do I (on my macbook pro LOL) +1, you can have a right click on the macbook pro... As far as the look, I have a new macbook pro and it's a matte silver, no gloss.
What's up Drew, I'm going to order 3-4 shirts and from the measurements I probably fall between a medium and large, I think the safe bet would be to get a large and with a wash it might shrink a bit... What are your thoughts? Also what's the turnaround time from when you receive my payment?
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