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Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz As fun as high tops are to look at I can't wear them daily. Do you guys? I usually wear boots but when I wear sneakers it's mostly hi tops, for some reason I'm not too crazy about low tops.
I drop my shirts off at the dry cleaners, I can't be bothered with washing, hang drying and pressing them. Do you guys take the time to press all your shirts?
I like the collar on the jacket, not crazy about the pockets, and it looks a bit tight. I prefer bomber style jackets a little looser in the sleeves. Will you be making different style leather jackets? If pictures have been posted please link me. I want to order another jacket and a few shirts, but want to see if your coming out with new models.
I'm contemplating the painted MMM sneaks, may pick them up this weekend.
Snake, I like the fit, cardi and 19 cm's fit good. Looks good Sq... I actually like Lanvin sneakers and have a couple pairs, I don't see how they are as flashy as some are claiming. Rick dunks, on the other hand, look cartoonishly big.
Kelvin, were you in Little Tokyo? I was grabbing lunch out there today and saw that fair type of thing that was going on.
Leather Soul Hawaii (coming soon): 9513 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills
I agree with the comments about the APC thread, it would be much better if actual APC pieces are discussed, rather than denim sizing.
What are the dimensions on the wallet?
I've been with Verizon for a long time: Made the switch from BB to Droid, and will make the switch from Droid to iPhone, if and when it comes to Verizon.
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