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There is more to APC than just denim and sizing issues... I tried on the cotton/linen blazer and my shoulders were to wide for it, fit great everywhere else... For someone looking for a slim casual blazer this is nice if you don't have broad shoulders.
^They had the bottom one. I wish they had the high but was only in blue. Lanvin- sequence, navy red/pink cap toe, grey cap toe, and a couple others, not too many options. They had a few Dior as well, nothing that caught my eye.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Yeah I go to that one. I remember less than a handful of Lanvins and a few Diors but I don't recall MMM. I'd have to give them a visit soon then. I stopped by Barney's Bev Hills today... MMM- they had white patent low, painted white low, white mid, blue high, and black low... I wanted the painted white lows but they didn't have my size.
^ If you went to the Barneys in Bev Hills, they do carry MMM...
I'm going to go shop around for a pair of white sneakers today. Will probably get a pair of MMM, does Barney's pretty much carry the one's out for this season, or should I check out the MMM store?
^^^ Thanks for the input. I test rode the Street Fighter and really like it performance wise, but I like the look of the monster a lot better. Just trying to decide between the 796 or the 1100, I won't be tracking it, so I don't think I'll need the extra power. When I bought my R6 I was planning on getting out to the track once in a while but just got too busy with work and didn't make it out. So now I want a bike that is more comfortable but can still perform well in the...
I'm going to start shopping around for a new bike (selling my R6)... I'm going to check out the Ducati Monsters, anybody have any input on these? I also want to check out some of the new BMW bikes, any specific model to look at? I'm looking for something similar to a Monster (sporty yet not as aggressive riding position as an R6)... Thanks!
I'm looking for a summer jacket, no leather. Any recommendations?
So the time has come to trade my 2007 Yamaha R6 in for a new bike. -I'm thinking of getting the Ducati Monster 796 that comes out early this summer... Does anyone here own a monster? What are your thoughts? -How are they in terms of dependability and maintenance? Any advice/review will be appreciated, thanks!
I completely agree with RX45, aside from the flashy one's, a lot of Lanvins are simple and don't look out of place. You don't need to try and look like you just walked off of the runway to wear them.
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