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Leather Soul Beverly Hills is open?
Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker Jumpers have landed: These look good! I should've ordered a pair...
I'd prefer those on the Barrie last... Either way my next Alden purchases will be when Leather Soul finally opens the Beverly Hills location!
I think I may go pick up the MMM mids... Last time I was at Barneys they only had the white painted MMM's, I like the grey ones you posted... Thanks for the pics.
^Do they sell that wallet in-store?
I want to order a double rider in charcoal calfskin... What do you guys think, patches or no patches? I think I'm leaning toward no patches...
Redbreast on the rocks!
I've been using the 257 for a while now. I take it to work with my laptop, files, food, etc... I would highly recommend it, great overall!
Quote: Originally Posted by bwong337 If you want a good performer in the mountains, go for the lighter bike. What do you plan on doing with your bike? If it's 100% mountain riding, i'd recommend a supermoto (Suzuki DRZ-400sm). If it's for commuting and the occasional mountain riding, the monster's a great pick. I want to use it in the city, occasional canyon riding and the occasional trip down the coast... I'm almost convinced on getting the...
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