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Quote: Originally Posted by PeterParker Jumpers have landed: These look good! I should've ordered a pair...
I'd prefer those on the Barrie last... Either way my next Alden purchases will be when Leather Soul finally opens the Beverly Hills location!
I think I may go pick up the MMM mids... Last time I was at Barneys they only had the white painted MMM's, I like the grey ones you posted... Thanks for the pics.
^Do they sell that wallet in-store?
I want to order a double rider in charcoal calfskin... What do you guys think, patches or no patches? I think I'm leaning toward no patches...
Redbreast on the rocks!
I've been using the 257 for a while now. I take it to work with my laptop, files, food, etc... I would highly recommend it, great overall!
Quote: Originally Posted by bwong337 If you want a good performer in the mountains, go for the lighter bike. What do you plan on doing with your bike? If it's 100% mountain riding, i'd recommend a supermoto (Suzuki DRZ-400sm). If it's for commuting and the occasional mountain riding, the monster's a great pick. I want to use it in the city, occasional canyon riding and the occasional trip down the coast... I'm almost convinced on getting the...
There is more to APC than just denim and sizing issues... I tried on the cotton/linen blazer and my shoulders were to wide for it, fit great everywhere else... For someone looking for a slim casual blazer this is nice if you don't have broad shoulders.
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