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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Ballin. Looks a bit thick though Had 5 cards and some cash in it when I took that pic. My next purchase will be the new Ducati Monster 796!
Bottega wallet in "Ink"
That commute is way too long... I work in Downtown L.A. live about 10 miles away, though.
When I bought my new place, I went the minimalist route and got rid of a lot of stuff including clothes that I don't use or never plan on using. It feels good to have quality items that you'll use, rather than a bunch of junk that you bought just because it was on sale or impulse buys... I'm still slowly selling off even more stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart my fave pizza right now is Bollini's in Monterey Park. The guy was a high end chef, went to Naples and apprenticed in making authentic Neopolitan pizza for several years, came back and opened Bollinis in his hometown. He even brought over an authentic wood burning oven from Naples and if you like thin crust it's not gonna get much better than this. Comes out of the oven with a perfect crust, never limp and right...
I got my suit about a month ago and it fits perfectly (I got measured in person, which helped a lot)... I ended up going with the house cut and like it a lot... I will definitely be ordering some more suits very soon... Will try to post some fit pics next time I wear it. -Thanks Jason!
I actually like the first one, please give a review once you receive it.
Headed out to Malibu for some surfing... The heat in the city has been too much the past couple days.
I have both, but prefer 19 cm due to the way they fit on me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab YES! Nice, Thanks!
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