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Very nice RFX!
I think I'm going to order the black calf jumpers, when will you be getting them in?
^sounds good, I look forward to it!
Just saw that you will be opening a store in L.A! Do you have a tentative grand opening day?
I got the Ox blood Bihars, after seeing the pics up there i'm going to order the browns as well... I actually like them more than the Ricards.
Nice they both look good... Which color do you like better? I'm thinking about getting the brown ones also.
Single, no kids, great paying career, just paid off my motorcycle and car= debt free.. Life is good!
A lot of good advice in here. After I graduated college I went straight into my career with no breaks. -For those just getting started I would suggest researching the market and making sure that the path you choose is one that will be around for a while. -Another thing is to avoid unnecessary debt. You don't need an expensive car and a bunch of credit cards. Nothing is better than starting your career with as little debt as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh I've got a pair of UK10 and UK9.5 Rollins. The UK10 Rollins are perhaps slightly big on me. I ordered UK9 Bihars. Thanks!
So I have no patience and want to order my Bihars, how did you guys size them in comparison to Rollins? Should I get the same size or go down 1/2 size?
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