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BRAND NEW: Epaulet Unfinished Horsehide Trainers Fall 2015 Preorder Project - Tennis Trainer High - Size 8.5 (Unfortunately the sneakers do not fit so I have to sell them)
I wear Tommy John under shirts and as stated above have no complaints. They fit great and don't come untucked. IMO best under shirts out there.
I'd be interested in a Ravello cap toe boot...
Redbreast 15 yr., rocks
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound Who has Ravello LWB in stock? Alden of Carmel has it but only with crepe sole. I got my Ravello LWB from the SF Alden store.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Ultimate Indys are Kudu, right? Not a chromexcel leather, right? In both cases I would just put some neutral boot cream on after wiping with a damp cloth and go to town with a horsehair brush. I've never used polish on my brown chromexcel and it looks great. A neutral boot cream and elbow grease are really all you need to bring the color back and raise a shine. The Ultimate Indy's that I have are...
Do you guys follow the same procedure to polish chromexcel leather as you would with shell shoes? If so, what polish should I use on my Ultimate Indy's?
My next TOJ will be a peacoat, just have to decide on what color to get. Decisions, decisions...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Great investment. I would highly recommend them. Not sure if Bryan has them in stock. You should give him a call. (310)248-2399. They come in two different widths, 30mm (dress) and 35mm (casual). Thanks! I'm going to be in the area this week, so I'll just drop by...
I'm thinking about buying an Alden #8 shell belt, any opinions on them? Tom, do you sell them at the Beverly Hills location?
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