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Purchased a pair of the Unfinished Horsehide Tennis Trainer High and unfortunately they don't fit so they are up for sale: http://www.styleforum.net/t/512804/epaulet-unfinished-horsehide-tennis-trainer-high
BRAND NEW: Epaulet Unfinished Horsehide Trainers Fall 2015 Preorder Project - Tennis Trainer High - Size 8.5 (Unfortunately the sneakers do not fit so I have to sell them)
I wear Tommy John under shirts and as stated above have no complaints. They fit great and don't come untucked. IMO best under shirts out there.
I'd be interested in a Ravello cap toe boot...
Redbreast 15 yr., rocks
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound Who has Ravello LWB in stock? Alden of Carmel has it but only with crepe sole. I got my Ravello LWB from the SF Alden store.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Ultimate Indys are Kudu, right? Not a chromexcel leather, right? In both cases I would just put some neutral boot cream on after wiping with a damp cloth and go to town with a horsehair brush. I've never used polish on my brown chromexcel and it looks great. A neutral boot cream and elbow grease are really all you need to bring the color back and raise a shine. The Ultimate Indy's that I have are...
Do you guys follow the same procedure to polish chromexcel leather as you would with shell shoes? If so, what polish should I use on my Ultimate Indy's?
My next TOJ will be a peacoat, just have to decide on what color to get. Decisions, decisions...
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Great investment. I would highly recommend them. Not sure if Bryan has them in stock. You should give him a call. (310)248-2399. They come in two different widths, 30mm (dress) and 35mm (casual). Thanks! I'm going to be in the area this week, so I'll just drop by...
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