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Just back from some polo reconnaissance at the San Francisco store and the sale is going on right now. Practiacally everything is on sale. I was even offered the 15% off today and Thursday (they're like drug dealers). I have a pair of the EG Perrings on hold (the only Purple Label they carry) and a few small items.
I think the first one (the Silhoette) is a great example of a classic rimless pair of glasses, and the second one is a little sportier looking. I've been eyewear shopping this past week and I came across a pair of rimless Tag Heuer glasses that I think are worth mentioning. They are similar to the second pair you have pictured. What's different with the Tag rimless is that the y are flexible (so they don't break) and the material gets "sticky" if you sweat so they...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Not that I can tell. Fit is similar I'll try to measure mine tonight. Just curious, but how do external measurements help you understand the fit better? My right foot is a little wider than my left and if a shoe is too narrow it's painful. Anything narrower than 4.25 I disregard. It's unscientific, but that's the best I can get when bidding on ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'm a UK 10E in both JL8000 and EG888 That's right, you bought the Newburys from under me during the last EG sale. Is one tighter or looser than the other? I know this sounds kinda lame, and not very accurate, but can you provide external measurements?
No, no model in mind. I wanted to know before I bid on these: And you confirmed my suspicioun that these are too big for me, which is dissapointing, but I'm sure something will come up.
Thank You! You are most helpful - as always. R
Does anyone have both a pair of John Lobbs in a last 8000 and an Edward Green in a last 808? Is a size 10 UK in a lobb 8000 the same size as a 10 UK EG 888? Is one larger than the other? Thanks, R
I've never heard of styledrops, but I've come across a couple of times. I've never bought anything from them, but I can tell you their pricing is ludicrous. Their merchandise is a couple of seasons old, with inflated original retail prices (sometimes as much as 250% of original retail) and then they offer you their generous discount. I've come across some nice stuff on their website, but I'll never buy anything from them because of their shaddy...
Does anyone know what would classify a show as a Reject? I asked her what the R stands for and she said she "honestly doesn't know."
I'm sure this has been covered in threads before, but what's the difference between John Lobb Northampton and John Lobb Paris?
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