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I've read some of the posts here and thought I would toss in my info. I bought a 1.25 carat ring from James Allen F, VVS1 for 13,500. Paid another 3K for a rose gold setting, with pink diamonds. I'm in my late 30's Now here's the important thing. Going through pricescope i was able to get a 5% discount from different sites. I live in Cali so I saved the taxes as well. Price scope has a database that ties into multiple sites. Lastly, the reason I ended up at James...
I'm looking to sell a pair of of New John Lobb Monks - 2010 St Crepin. They are a last 7000 9.5 UK, which is a 10.5 US. NIB, with shoe trees. Brown - almost look black I have uploaded some quick shots. Price is firm. Here's a link to better pictures from Leather & Soul - exactly what I got, without the professional lighting.
Just wanted to chime in. I had the same problem this month. Is the discount limited to 1 use per month, cause I already used it once?
to everyone following this thread, I just bought this: It 's an awesome hoody. don't let it pass you up!
If you speak Dutch, or maybe German, I could really use some help. Back in November I sent a bunch of money to a shoe store in the Netherlands. I picked out a bunch of things (LSA shoe box and Saphir products) and there has been nothing but problems with the order. First the shoe box was damaged by UPS. So they had to order another one. When they received that, they sent the order by DHL, but DHL returned it back to them (twice), and now the shoe shoe store says DHL...
I've had and have a couple. Kiton cashmere sweaters are pricer than Cucinelli sweaters. I bought a very thick cardigan cashmere Kiton sweater and I think it is softer than any of my cucinelli sweaters. Overall I think they are about the same quality, but I would give the nod to Kiton as I think they have a better feel.
Prada and Prada sport items are so poorly made, there's no way to tell. They are all made in China and finished in Italy. Fakes are probably better quality than the real thing though.
If it's about fashion/looks, get them. If you care about optics, get something else. Tom Ford's glasses are poorly made. pick up a pair of Oliver Peoples Benedict aviators and you'll see/feel the difference at first touch.
Price drop on Valentino Suit, and 7 additions to original post.
edit: 41 47 48 18 26 27 28 x 2 33 42
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