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***Prices reduced before jackets are put on eBay*** All jackets shipped in US for $10 flat rate. International shipping TBD Cashmere Mr. Ned MTM - $250 $225 Shoulder: 17.5" Chest: 19.5" Length: 29" Plaid Cashmere made by Mr. Ned's Tailors in NYC. 2 button, working button holes, patch pockets, double vented, fully lined. http://imageshack.com/a/img537/9938/VnJfJO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img908/1690/BpFGFa.jpg Cashmere Mr. Ned MTM - $250 $225 Chest: 18.25" Chest:...
Speaking of The Rock, he posted his diet on twitter a few weeks ago. Was curious so I did a quick calc on myfitnesspal. Looks like ~ 4500cal 40p/35c/25f.Uploaded with ImageShack.com
Do you mind if I ask who makes the blue billfold? Looks slim, which is exactly what I'm trying to find as I consider moving away from a cardcase (loose bills haven't been ideal, but trying to avoid the thick Costanza wallet). Thanks!
Just got blood work back with very low T levels. Been working with John for a few months, his recommendation is HRT. Wondering if anyone here has any experience with that or combating low T in general. Would also welcome any links/studies as I'm trying to read up on it as much as possible. Seems like the DIY remedies won't help, already lift/eat well/etc. Thanks
Interesting, thanks for the input. If they're on the Rui last were they a custom order? I only see tassels on the Ron last online.
Thank you gyasih and Mr. Essex. The 348 last fits my foot well in an 8.5uk. It really sounds like 9uk in the new ray is the way to go. There seems to be less of a consensus on the loafers. It looks like a larger last, and a half size down in loafers is often prudent. If I pull the trigger I'll report back
I'm an 8.5uk across C&J lasts, Luisa recommended I order 8.5 in the New Ray and Ron lasts. From what I've read here, most seem to be going up .5 in the New Ray on Pepe's suggestion. Can anyone with hands on experience summarize their thoughts? Thanks
Tried some squat variations today. Kind of liked front squats. But for overhead, it hurt the hell out of my thumbs (down to the wrist). Basically felt like I was supporting the entire weight (which wasn't much since I was just trying to learn the movement) with my thumbs. Is there a certain way to grip for overheads that I should know about?
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Ron last for the tassel loafers? If it helps, I'm wondering how it compares to C&J in which I'm am 8.5E UK across all lasts. Thanks. Very intrigued by the brand
What loafers are these? Look like they could be great for spring/summer
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