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Try calling in order and using it? These are usually reliable: STP COUPON THREAD
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Worn with black tie. I think there are better choices, but others like them. What are the better choices?
Tried 54710? for 20%
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator I am not an expert like Jcusey but I can tell you that the moment I saw them I was wowed. Mine have a bevelled waist, Goodyear construction with channel stitching, and have been fiddled a bit as well. I was amazed to see all of this at that price. Just amazed. What is the price range for Carmina in Spain?
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Bump, $20 a piece! These have been worn?
There are a number RLPL EG shoes which are not displayed on polo.com correct?
Enjoy Dave5! I was nipping at your now fatte a mano clad heals.
pm sent
I know there has been a fair amount of discussion about how great a deal Nitro's Isaia Tuxedos are. http://cgi.ebay.com/YUMMY-NWT-375O-I...QQcmdZViewItem Has anyone purchased one? Are you pleased? I like the jacket a lot. Not so sure about the double reverse pleats. Do you think I will be happy with double reverse pleats on my tuxedo pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by CommercialDoc I think this is precisely the point. You would be hard pressed to find nice sterling links at retail for less than $100+. With SF's buying power and a knowledgeable jeweler, we could probably recreate the Tiffany Elsa Perretti oval's for around $50. I think for now I will work to a consensus on a popular design, the oval's or something else, and then see what I can get together for a bulk deal. I may also...
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