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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack That looks to be a huge collar so make sure that is a good look for you. Which collar are you referring to? They both look large. Is the Borrelli absurdly large?
Who else carries the same shirt style with covered placket and wide spread at a lower price? I do not have time to have this shirt made. Also, how would you compare this style of tuxedo shirt: http://www.shopthefinest.com/Items/kf1807?sck=21962101
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Shake No surprise that someone in clothing doesn't know what's going on at the shoes department. Also, the card was in the envelope mailed to people. I would imagine there is some mention of the 15% somewhere in the e-mail, but of course it won't be in the form of a card. Yes, the email mentions MAY17 for 15% add'l off at the bottom.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Just got back from the Polo Mansion and all shoes are 40% off plus an addiitonal 15% if you mention the code may17. Here's the skinny on stock: RLPL ($484.50 plus tax) all on the 89 last Pierson dark oak Grant dark oak Grant black Barkesdale burnt pine Barkesdale edwardian Hewett dark oak Parson dark oak Carter dark oak Carter spectator white buck w/ burnt pine Stern black Stern spectator C&J...
Try calling in order and using it? These are usually reliable: STP COUPON THREAD
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Worn with black tie. I think there are better choices, but others like them. What are the better choices?
Tried 54710? for 20%
Quote: Originally Posted by Sator I am not an expert like Jcusey but I can tell you that the moment I saw them I was wowed. Mine have a bevelled waist, Goodyear construction with channel stitching, and have been fiddled a bit as well. I was amazed to see all of this at that price. Just amazed. What is the price range for Carmina in Spain?
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Bump, $20 a piece! These have been worn?
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