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Quote: Originally Posted by mahler Lowered price on AE shoes pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Nah, it's regular pebble grain, just combined with my extremely amateurish photography. Is the stripping of polish with acetone described in detail in another post?
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 zeetan (timecollectors) in KL Sean (timephilosophy) in Singapore I assume prices are negotiable? Prestigetime throws in at least a little discount if you try.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I echo everything Ed said. I only recommend them to people who are scared of ordering a watch from Singapore or Malaysia though. If they're not concerned about that, the best options are with a handful of grey mkt dealers in KL and Singapore. Better prices, full OEM warranty and 48-72 hour delivery. To answer the OP's question, I have a colleague here who ordered a Lange from PT - that would be the most expensive...
Not very many choices at the $749 price plus 30% off. Most of the suits are $999. Nevertheless, there are some deals to be had.
I have heard nothing but good reports on prestigetime from both family and friends who have used them
There are some very nice "designer" bags on Bluefly right now. Now we just need someone to post some Bluefly coupon codes.
Any Sutor sizing tips? Relative to AE? C & J?
Does anyone have any idea when these new Paris lasts will be available from a retailer like PLAL? Do they have access to the newer models and lasts?
If you don't mind the drive to Butler, he makes great custom shirts and solid suits as well. Quote: Originally Posted by LTD II I use Frank Cicco Custom Tailor in Butler, PA. They do absolutely beautiful work. They have done some really wonderful work for me. The address is : Frank Cicco Custom Tailor 133 W. North Street Butler, PA 16001-5256 724.287.5814
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