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We looked at Venicia on display at Lowe's and were unimpressed. Do you have any experience or any idea regarding pricing of Scavolini, Henry Built or Porcelanosa? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I would look into these: Porcelanosa Henry Built Venicia by Kraftmaid Scavolini
Does anyone on the forum have any experience with a modern kicthen installation? My wife and I are building a new house and have been struck by the design of Poggenpohl, Alno, Balthaup, Poliform etc. We came across Pedini as a slightly lower cost alternative @ $700-800 per linear foot v. $1000+ per linear foot for Poggenpohl, Balthaup etc. The only cheaper alternative we can find besides Ikea is Venicia by Kraftmaid which was not very impressive at $300-$400 per...
If I were you and you have large enough wrists: Vacherin Constantin Royal Eagle in SS with bracelet as your sport watch: http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=3402 JLC Grande Date in SS with leather strap as your dress watch: http://www.prestigetime.com/item.php?item_id=2710
Quote: Originally Posted by Thurston More importantly, RL seems to be eliminating English made shoes. Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Yeah but the difference between 2006 and 07-08 is that the shell cordovan market is changing. There doesn't seem to be very much shell to go around, let alone brown shell. Polo could very well continue to offer a brown shell shoe, but it would be surprising... Still, we can wait and...
For those of you who are disheartened, I purchased the Darlton Shell Wingtips in May of 2006 for $303. They very well may be available again at low prices unless they are being discontinued. I think a deep discount on these seems like a consistent pattern of RL. Quote: Originally Posted by shoe whoever missed out on the $354 Polo shell Darltons. I pity all of you. this is perhaps the deal of the century. a very beautifully shaped shell wingtip...
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Agreed, put up some sole pictures at least I'm no expert at this but I tried to. They show up in the small gallery in the top left but can not be enlarged. I am not sure what I missed.
Thank you all for the advice. They are on ebay now: link
Also, I am not a very experienced seller but long time lurker. Does the forum think I would do better with these on ebay?
I picked up these Alden Shell Cordovan Full Strap Slip-On Loafers thanks to this thread. Brand new with box and bags. 10.5E. Never worn and tried on once by me but too wide. Bought from teamshoeseaport.com going out of business sale. Paid $295 on sale and asking $295 including shipping. Retail price is approximately $490.
pm sent
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