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Still for sale?
I have one in the works. Two fittings down and things are shaping up well. I actually have to make a trip out there some time soon for the final fitting. This revived post is a good reminder. I had been procrastinating on the final trip. I will post pictures once it is finished. Quote: Originally Posted by Palladio Rise from your grave, thread! Thanks for the recommendation- I met them today and ordered a custom shirt and a pair of trousers....
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I know some people who have good results buying used from the rental car companies. Check out: http://www.enterprisecarsales.com/ca...edCarFinder.do and search under 10k. The list for my zip code included a VW Beetle, Hyundai Sonata, PT Cruiser, Taurus, Grand Am and Neon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ccc123 SieMatic, Pedini, Snaidero, Boffi - all great also Smallbone in england. check out www.woodweb.com - you can get lots of help inspiration and information there! Just curious but wondering what this opinion is based on. Do tell about Pedini. I am almost sold but need some firsthand experience to put me over the edge.
From my limited knowledge, the price for these brands would be closer to 75k for a kitchen my size. That being said, they do look terrific.
We are leaning towards a combination of these styles from Pedini: http://www.pediniusa.com/outline7.html http://www.pediniusa.com/artika_18.html Elements of all their different models can be combined. I am not sure if this option is available with Poggenpohl. The reason we are looking at Poggenpohl, Pedini and Poliform/Varenna is that they are the brands readily available in Pittsburgh.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril Ikea and Kraftmaid are sufficient if matched with things that make the space look "modern." Frankly, I think 60 ft of cabinets is overkill but maybe you have a lot of kids or something. When I look at homes for sale, I look at the cabinetry and make an immediate judgement about the house's need for renovation. The 60 ft includes a very large island as well as a matching wet bar. Also, it is a big...
We have a big kitchen to build with 60 running feet of cabinetry. Our quote after haggling with Pedini is 35k. Our estimate for Ikea or Kraftmaid is under 15k. Our estimate with Medallion Cabinetry is 20k. We love the Pedini's style and construction but can't decide whether it is worth it. Are cabinets an investment in your home or just a luxury? Do they add to resale value? Our modern taste may not match with the average buyer. Thoughts?
Can you tell me a bit more about the process with Ikea, i.e. who installs, pricing etc.? I know they used the same hardware as many of the upscale brands. Do they stock cabinets or do you have to special order? Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by scottdurand If money were of no matter I would have Clive Christian. But since i'm a lowly laymen we opted for Ikea. They are great and really functional for the price. It's the one thing I get the most...
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