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Since we are talking plumbing and TokyoSlim seems to be an expert, I am looking for some advice as I am building a new house. My contract calls for plumbing as folows: Supply lines to be 3/4" Aquapex by Wirsbo. Laterals and risers are 1/2" Aquapex. Waste lines shall be 4" schedule 40 PVC underground. Any thoughts on this? Anything else I should be asking for? As to bath fixtures, I am using a mix of the Grohe Concetto and Kohler Purist and Watertiles in the...
Pittsburgh - I may be a bit biased:
Interest in 10.5D Santoni. Please post pics.
Saks currently has a number of Canali suits on sale. They had a further 25% markdown yesterday. After the 25% markdown, the price came to $597. I am not sure if this qualifies as a "good" price for Canali but I was pleased. They are usually happy to locate your size if you see something you like in a different size. They also have Kiton 7 fold ties marked down to $70 which also seems like a good price. Hope this helps. FYI - this was at Saks in Pittsburgh but I...
Still for sale?
I have one in the works. Two fittings down and things are shaping up well. I actually have to make a trip out there some time soon for the final fitting. This revived post is a good reminder. I had been procrastinating on the final trip. I will post pictures once it is finished. Quote: Originally Posted by Palladio Rise from your grave, thread! Thanks for the recommendation- I met them today and ordered a custom shirt and a pair of trousers....
BA - Swarthmore JD - Pitt
I know some people who have good results buying used from the rental car companies. Check out: and search under 10k. The list for my zip code included a VW Beetle, Hyundai Sonata, PT Cruiser, Taurus, Grand Am and Neon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ccc123 SieMatic, Pedini, Snaidero, Boffi - all great also Smallbone in england. check out - you can get lots of help inspiration and information there! Just curious but wondering what this opinion is based on. Do tell about Pedini. I am almost sold but need some firsthand experience to put me over the edge.
From my limited knowledge, the price for these brands would be closer to 75k for a kitchen my size. That being said, they do look terrific.
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