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I have found Garden Web's Kitchen Forum extremely helpful: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/kitchbath/
We are building a house right now and looked at Kraftmaid but chose to go with Medallion Cabinets instead. We thought the quality was much better. The gold and platinum level Medallion rival most high quality custom cabinetry. The prices do reflect that as well. We wanted to use Pedini cabinets but could not justify the price. http://www.medallioncabinetry.com/
No crest on the 46, right?
Will you ship to U.S.?
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Wonderful place. +1
Since we are talking plumbing and TokyoSlim seems to be an expert, I am looking for some advice as I am building a new house. My contract calls for plumbing as folows: Supply lines to be 3/4" Aquapex by Wirsbo. Laterals and risers are 1/2" Aquapex. Waste lines shall be 4" schedule 40 PVC underground. Any thoughts on this? Anything else I should be asking for? As to bath fixtures, I am using a mix of the Grohe Concetto and Kohler Purist and Watertiles in the...
Pittsburgh - I may be a bit biased:
Interest in 10.5D Santoni. Please post pics.
Saks currently has a number of Canali suits on sale. They had a further 25% markdown yesterday. After the 25% markdown, the price came to $597. I am not sure if this qualifies as a "good" price for Canali but I was pleased. They are usually happy to locate your size if you see something you like in a different size. They also have Kiton 7 fold ties marked down to $70 which also seems like a good price. Hope this helps. FYI - this was at Saks in Pittsburgh but I...
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