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Is affiliate link not working? I had same problem.
bring it: http://commercialdoc.mybrute.com/
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Sprezz - What would you recommend instead? I have read tons of good reviews - is this just good marketing?
As for receivers, the makes and models that seem to be in the ballpark are: Yamaha V-3900 Yamaha RX-7 Onkyo TX-NR706 Denon 4808 Marantz SR8002 I want to make sure I have enough power to utilize the Sunfire CRS-3s or similar speakers. I like the networking ability of everything but the Marantz. I did think the Marantz had the fullest sound. The Onkyo has nice gadgets but the Yamaha sounds a bit richer. The Yamaha seemed to have the best video output. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon On the speakers, are you married to the on-wall design? If so, that narrows your selection a lot. But at that price range, I feel like there are some better values out there (especially if you want to listen to music as much as theater). I am especially fond of canadian speakers for value (you could reduce price here if you find some paradigm or PSB that you like), but there are also some smallerTheils in that...
Our new house is almost finished and I am picking out a 5.1 system and TV for our great room. It has to be something somewhat discrete looking to keep my wife happy. Here is what I am thinking. Any advice is appreciated. TV - Panasonic Pro TH-58PF11UK - 58" 1080P - no speakers for slim look Receiver - Yamaha RX-V3900 LCR Speakers - Sunfire CRS-3s Rears - Elan Elios 95c (I promised to use in ceiling speakers) Subwoofer - Sunfire TS-EQ12 I hope to build a real...
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