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Whelan Scarlett
Whelan Dawn Lima Hazell
Is affiliate link not working? I had same problem.
bring it: http://commercialdoc.mybrute.com/
Whelan Miller Stokke Dawn Bellucci Lima Johannson Hazell
1 - Laren 2 - Whelan 3 - Belova 4 - Miller 5 - Cruz 6 - Stokke 7 - Chirqui 8 - Dawn 9 - Bellucci 10 - Alba 11 - Lima 12 - Ingerman 13 - Ambrosio 14 - Johansson 15 - Hazell 16 - Trump
+1 Ingerman Keeley Hazell
Sprezz - What would you recommend instead? I have read tons of good reviews - is this just good marketing?
As for receivers, the makes and models that seem to be in the ballpark are: Yamaha V-3900 Yamaha RX-7 Onkyo TX-NR706 Denon 4808 Marantz SR8002 I want to make sure I have enough power to utilize the Sunfire CRS-3s or similar speakers. I like the networking ability of everything but the Marantz. I did think the Marantz had the fullest sound. The Onkyo has nice gadgets but the Yamaha sounds a bit richer. The Yamaha seemed to have the best video output. The...
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