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10 Days in Kauai and loved it. The only downside to Kauai is a lack of true luxury hotels. I would reccomend a guest house or cottage.
I test drove the Q7 4.2 and found the interior to be very nice, the blindspots atrocious and the ride to be way too "bouncy". The handling was really mushy. I wanted to like it but came away disappointed. I drove the X5 4.8 after it and loved it. It was everything the Q7 was not. The only downside I found was the small trunk/lack of third row seating - though they are offering a jump seat in the trunk in the 2010s.
What about Audi Q7? Anyone have any experience with it?
Last night's episode redeemed this season. The use of "schmo-hawk" was great. Also, Seinfield sharing Larry's willingness to over analyze everything ad nauseam was pretty funny.
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