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So the Design Dode in our neighborhood mandates a windowed and privacy side of the house. The kitchen is on the privacy side of the house so we came up with the undercabinet glass block to still let some natural light in. I would have loved to have some real windows. The island is massive - 12' x 11'. The paths arround it are wide enough that they do not pose a problem and people tend to gather on the 3 sides - not the computer area. When we have a lot of people...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I didn't say it wasn't "nice". Just not my taste To answer your question though: give me some wood, some functional stainless steel appliances (not an ultra-thin convection range or ultra-slim hood) and enough cabinetry and I'm happy Not a frequent poster but spend a lot of time lurking in "Fine Living, Home..." Thought I might contribute something so here is my new kitchen: Still waiting...
4100 sq. above ground w/1700 basement plus a garage. Sometimes it feels too big and sometimes too small.
10 Days in Kauai and loved it. The only downside to Kauai is a lack of true luxury hotels. I would reccomend a guest house or cottage.
I test drove the Q7 4.2 and found the interior to be very nice, the blindspots atrocious and the ride to be way too "bouncy". The handling was really mushy. I wanted to like it but came away disappointed. I drove the X5 4.8 after it and loved it. It was everything the Q7 was not. The only downside I found was the small trunk/lack of third row seating - though they are offering a jump seat in the trunk in the 2010s.
What about Audi Q7? Anyone have any experience with it?
Last night's episode redeemed this season. The use of "schmo-hawk" was great. Also, Seinfield sharing Larry's willingness to over analyze everything ad nauseam was pretty funny.
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