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Answer yes or no or give essay answers if you have no life. Cheers. 1. Do you wear a suit? yes If so, how often do you wear it? 4 days/week What are the most important factors you consider in buying a suit? fit and cost 2. How many of the following clothing garments do you have in your wardrobe? a. Polo Shirt - 25, mostly prl, some rlpl and bb mercerized cotton b. T Shirt with print - 10 c. T Shirt, plain - 2 d. Jeans - 7, all AG e. Trousers - 20 zegna...
Anybody have an opinion on these: quality? construction?
Wednesday - another 30% off nice selection of Kiton ties and lorenzini shirts
Headed to NYC tonight and will have 2-3 hours tops tomorrow for shopping. Where are the best current sales besides T&A? Also, which discounters have the best suit selection currently? The Filene's in Pittsburgh sure doesn't compare to the Filene's in NYC?
I just got my second pair of cordovan shoes, thanks to the MAY18 polo discount, brown wingtip darltons, to go along with my alden cordovans. Any advice on whether to polish before the first wearing?
What is the best way to care for cordovan shoes? I believe you are not supposed to use any wax or polish. Does this mean just a cleaning and polishing with a damp cloth?
If the darlton is the pembroke, but the pembroke has a rubber sole and is calf leather, is the description of the darlton as leather-soled and cordovan inaccurate? Or is it just a different style of the pembroke?
Does anyone know if there is a C&J model that corresponds to the Darlton Wingtip? The Clifford? Also, I am need of a black shoe and I just think it is a waste to get the Mackays in black. Do you think that the black cordovan wingtip is a good choice or too conservative a style for a black shoe?
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