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Quote: Originally Posted by Earthmover well, one issue is the cost -- at the theorized price of $50 (or even more for custom designs), I can get 5.5 of the custom pairs for the price of that one you linked to. Second is that they have the garish two-tone thing going on. And I think it's not necessarily the "original" idea, but the fact that it's customizeable, and we all can get on board for that as long as it's good quality, reasonable price and good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso I have some ideas but I'm afraid that your fiance might find them weird . It should be okay. As I said, she finds me weird and is marrying me, so I don't think she will be bothered by the weird ideas. She doesn't have to spend the rest of her life with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris Rimby Absolutely. +1 to this entire statement. We can definitely do heavy double-sided silver links. I do think we should keep one side smaller than a buttonhole. It is more expensive to use a screwpost and tedious. As for choices, I think geometric shapes could be good, i.e. stars, pyramids, spheres, etc. Also animals or flowers might be fun. Do people prefer both sides of identical size and shape...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tampan This sounds very interesting. Is the idea to create a mould, that would ultimately lead to efficiencies? Or is each set a one-off (lost-wax method perhaps)? The kinds of ideas I have had before are probably unique. My other half's (very short) name, or a kris (wiggly dagger). I also like the idea of double-sided, somehow, much prettier than the one-sided ones. I'm probably being completely unrealistic here, do...
Target has them for $60 on sale. They are definitely nothing special. They are three button and kind of stiff feeling and looking. Just thought I would throw it out there for the bargain shoppers. I tried one on the other day but really didn't like it enough to spend the $60.
They are all solid sterling silver. She frowns on plating. As for the weird comment, maybe she just thinks I am weird and associates with the rest of you.
pm sent
My fiancee is a silversmith and she has recently been toying around making cufflinks for me. She knows about my weird "StyleForum friends" and thought she would offer to make and sell cuff links to the members here. We thought we could start with something simple like sterling silver knots: Would there be interest in these for around $50? She is also doing more creative designs, i.e. these sterling silver hot dogs: Would there be any interest in...
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 http://cgi.ebay.com/POLO-RALPH-LAURE...QQcmdZViewItem Is this really a Darlton? I thought all of the nicer polos were made in England. Could be wrong though. Those creases don't look like new shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Isaac Mickle Good job changing the link in your post, CD. That will fool 'em. I think it might. While some SF'ers may be motivated to find it on their own, some might not. Can't hurt to try. Meanwhile, I learned my lesson. Only share with SF those things you dont want for yourself.
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