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Are pants flat front or pleated?
I have a third kid on the way so I will soon have a 4 year old, 2 year old and newborn. I currently have an E350 and do not think I will be able to fit 2 car seats and a booster seat. Does anyone have any experience with this? The rear seat in an S550 is only 1.5" wider than the E350. Would this extra 1.5" make much of a difference? The rear seat width in other large luxury sedans 750, A8 and the american luxury sedans are roughly the same as the S550. I would be...
Maybe a little off topic but I live in Pittsburgh. I think the public perception of Pittsburgh winters is that they are more severe than they actually are. I would expect less major storms and heavy snow than Boston. Pittsburgh gets a lot of wet, wintry days but maybe a handful of heavy snows per season. ps - if you happen to need Pittsburgh specific advice, feel free to pm me.
pm sent
These seem closer to a 46 based on measurements. Is that right? I am usually a 56/46 in canali and zegna, so I hope I am right.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube All the houses in CD's post are McMansions. They are on tiny lots, in a new "upscale" development in some fucking suburb. There are probably 6 floorplans to choose from, with three or four exteriors for each. It's like Celebration, Florida. All fucking smoke and mirrors. I didn't mean to make it a mystery. The neighborhood is in Pittsburgh. Here is a link: http://www.summersetatfrickpark.com/
Curious what the take is on these: They are in an urban, new neighborhood. Sort of the urban McMansions.
better pics please!
Looking to order the SS bracelet for my wife's JLC Ladies Master Compressor to replace the leather band. Any suggestions for a dealer who can get this to me quickly at a good price? Thanks for your help
Quote: Originally Posted by yoink from my experience when shopping around for the fixtures everything is cheaper on the internet compared to the showrooms- even if you hire a contractor and the showroom gives a discounted "contractor pricing" what kind of look are you going for? QFT
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