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Chelsea 202, Falke socks, Shibumi Tie, Scabal Suit
what a good friend! i give my address later:D
Hello, to Day my 258 arrived and i am very happy with the bag. but as you can see i must make some modification because i dont like it if my stuff is not at the right place. i insert a push button and now i am satisfied.
So beautiful
Gents, Did you know a list with all Brands Edward Green has Build shoes for? I know: Ralph Lauren Purple Line Foster and Son? ?
I am proud and very happy A Big thanks to Skoaktiebolaget and Posh Shoes Berlin for this beautys
Today i pull the trigger by the Telford on 82 Last in Dark Oak. I have this One also in Black and i Love The very fine brouge
Beautiful! I Love The Shannon
Thanks for the List. here is another Maker from Germany: http://www.posh-berlin.com/posh-berlin.com/welcome.html She made so beautiful shoes. Take time if you visit Berlin
Amazing shoes Sir!I hope i got mine soon.
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