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The Claverton is hot like Hell
Great Pic Dr !
So We have to Talk with your Boss about your paygrade! I weint over 25 sims back but i cant finde the carpet. So The Reason for this must be that you dont have enough Edward Greens and the Reason for this must be your Boss.BTW my carpet is Realy severe and i have to speek with my Boss to
What the Hell Tifosi! We both in the same Company ???Joke but i know this very well!
Tank you Leaves.I like the inverse Brogue but at the Moment this one is my favoriteThe very subtle brogue at the toebox and the 606 Last make me realy happy. It is the Telford
Thanks a lot.I dont know but i dont like Derbys. Maybe there is the Dover exceptin on 606 in DO or Edwardian or Burnt pineThe Shannon is quit nice but i would not wear it with suit and Other trousers are quit difficultThe Walcott is absolutly beautifull also the Longwing idea but there with the Oakdale
Gentlemans, Hard decisions will comes. The questions of the next Order is almost here. It would be nice if you will help me a little. For that i will Post my models and maybe the are some gaps. -Malvern 202 Black -Malvern 202 Chestnut -Chelsea 202 DO -Chelsea 202 Black -Telford 606 Black -Telford 888 DO -Cadogan 202 Espresso -Beaulieu 82 Burgundy -Gladstone 808 Black -Inverness 82 Chestnut -Inverness 888 Burgundy -Galway 64 Rosewood -Galway 82 DO Wcc -Galway 888...
This is the reason why the Belgravia called "King of the Tassels"!
Bigger than UK 12.5???
What the Hell! This Boots are terrific.Hm, now i have a new One on the List.
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