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Ok Gents it is time for a Walnut-Galway-Story As you can see there is a lot of Walnut in this Pic. Am i nuts? Maybe but let me tell you the story behind the 3 Pairs of Walnut Galways. As many of us i was fix on this Grail-Galway-Combo from Roger Pic (Hail to the Chief! Roger) I take a lot of time to search fro this combo and at the end i make a MTO. The time runs by and i was really happy as the postman brought me the Boots. Open the Box and as many of us i was...
Roger you kill it again.This Galway was the reason why i start loving Galways.Are there a Pic somewere with all your Boots?
Great als allways Unfortunately nötig a uk 12 or 12.5
Grail Galways 64 Last
Gents, looking so great!
Also in UK 12? Hope so:D
Single Monk
So beautyfull!
Galway first day in
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