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I took one for the team and purchased these "heinous" shoes. While I will wear them proudly, I don't know about licking the soles...
Anybody know whether Chan does discounts if you order more than one suit? I'm doubting it, but given that so much work is in the creation of the pattern, I thought it worth asking.
I'm one of the people that received the incorrectly sized double-monk but discovered (much to my joy) that the shoes delivered actually fit. They're great shoes, BTW.
Can anybody recommend where to get a decent travel-size shaving gel/foam? I use Proraso and Nancy Boy when I'm at home, but I need to find something in a small container (less than 3 ounces) for traveling.
I don't think it's all that bad, but since you asked for comments, I'll give mine (apologies if it seems that I'm being overly critical- just pointing out things I noticed): In the first pic, the gorge strikes me as too high (as somebody has mentioned, it draws attention which strikes me as counter-productive to the whole purpose of a high gorge), there appears to be slight pulling at the fastened button, and your left sleeve isn't hanging well (this could just be how...
Is William Lerue Weller a wheated bourbon or rye bourbon? My favorite is Maker's Mark, especially in a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby, but I'm willing to give other similar bourbons a shot if people tell me they have the same smooth finish.
I'd love to hear the answer to this myself.
Quote: Originally Posted by coatandthai Shirt with crotch band? Is this common? That could seriously interfere with my luxurious RL Purple Label men's thong. Bought used off of ebay, of course!
Anybody have any info on the new Filene's Basement going in at Tyson's Corner? Given the location, I'm thinking that thing has potential!
I've done way too many squats and deadlifts, so I have more trouble with pants than any other clothing item. I have a few pair of RLBL that I have sized up and had the waist taken in. The fit isn't perfect but it's doable and RLBL pants are available at discounts sometimes. Ralph Lauren Purple Label was a complete no-go for me. I'm talking, not even being able to get them up over my thighs. As for what has worked for me, I have found the following pants work...
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