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Apologies, I haven't got time to read through the thread atm so this has probably already been posted, but just in case... Bicester outlet village (UK) has a Ralph Lauren Clearance outlet in addition to their normal outlet. Not sure how long this is open for but there is LOADS of RRL. Jeans in straight and slim bootcut, raw, one-wash and heavy washed (£60), loads of shirts, flannel, western, Button down (all £40), belts for £30, nice wool scarves at £20. Various jackets at...
Hello, hoping you guys can help me. I bought these RRL jeans ages ago but sized up instead of down because I'm an idiot. I want to put them on eBay but I hoped someone on here could confirm they are genuine, I'm 99% sure they are but the thngs I'm not sure about are; They're a 42 waist which I wasn't sure RRL did, and they're not selvage (although I do think I've seen other non-selvage jeans on this thread before). POR_8621 by generic_guy, on Flickr POR_8619 by...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin And what's the quality like on their diffusion line, CP Company? No offence but at CP Company being a diffusuion line. Quality on CP Company is excellent though, branding is much less obvious than Stone Island so it isn't faked anywhere near as much, plus it doesn't have the same hooligan stigma. I picked up a CP Company beige down jacket for £70 from TK Maxx last year, which is really nice and the quality...
You can't talk about badly styled sites without mentioning Yoox. Know for a fact people have been put off buying from there because they make the clothing look so bad. Has some great deas but you won't find a website that does such a poor job of presenting their stock (especially when you bear in mind they show the wrong size for loads of stuff).
It's only published twice a year, it's aboout $10 an issue. So much better than The American Men's Vogue (it is in English too if that isn't obvious from the cover!)
Got the magazine here and it says his jacket (and the tee) are by Dolce and Gabbana.
They're called the Samoa, they still sell them at some paces, but I can't see any of those online (think they're the LX).
I've got a pair of Warehouse 1001XX repros and they are loose in the leg with a fitted seat, very nice denim too.
nemuu, that is a fantastic picture, incredibly atmospheric.
Not all Red Ear jeans are selvage, I believe they were originally but there are now a number of non-selvage styles. The stuff I see in England now doesn't seem as nice as when the line started.
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