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anybody know where I can get a pair of DH raws in 27? kind of want to buy asap. LVR is sold out and they're usually who I buy from.
I need a pair of new DH raws in 27. willing to purchase immediately
awesome. a lot more fun than the bs I'm doing haha
what school do you go to?
still not a fan. to me it comes off as business casual. or something youd see on an nbc sitcom on a "trendy" character with a plaid shirt, selvage jeans (cuff up obv) and brown DBs.i understand where youre going with the knit suggestion, seeing as the basis for my position is that there is no level of formality that would require a tie and not a jacket. so a casual tie would, theoretically, ameliorate that.
can anyone articulate why wearing a tie without a jacket is ugly as hell? I was having a conversation and dude was trying to convince me it was an acceptable look and all I could come up with was it looks like shit.
it's awesome that you go above and beyond like that for your child. I feel bad for my mom when I make a pizza or something and she is left out.just looked up rugelach and it looks awesome! I'd love to bake that! thanks!
recipe? my mom is celiac and I'd love to make them!
one of my friends won a million dollars in the lotto. I'm happy for him. It's weird though, we hadn't spoken in over a year, but the night of the drawing (obviously before he knew he won. I think it was even before the results would've been announced) we were messaging on facebook. also, I never play the lottery but was compelled to for that drawing and someone won at the location I purchased my ticket at.
an fb friend of mine who lives in Manhattan has the loubs spikes. when I saw
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