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do they still give out that cool artwork at La Carnita? should be a place I go more often since I'm right there. probably going to go back there tonight
a friend's family member has the nicest SLS I've ever seen. It's white and lowered right to the ground, with a set of rims on it. I usually don't like cars with anything done to them, but this car is a thing of beauty. I'll try and snap a picture of it next time I'm around
anybody have experience with Officine Creative boots? saw a pair I really loved. was just curious if they were worth it
are you saying I should lease my vehicle over buying it?
yeah, to see nice cars you'll have to hang around the Yonge/Bloor area. yorkville and cumberland are two streets that are great for car spotting. but to be honest, the best cars I've seen were in the suburbs.
hey peeeebs, I have half of my summer goal list knocked off!
but it isn't ganging up at all if you're actually being dumb. has it gotten to the point that any criticism = ganging up? no, if you say something stupid, somebody will inevitably address you accordingly ( and as such, if it is a persistent matter, it will become a defacto persona). again, I'm not saying you are stupid or anything, but that was a really poor choice to illustrate your point (I'll read on for this good debate, but that post as a standalone is pretty...
to be fair what you said was pretty dumb, bhowie was just calling a spade a spade.
great day in the market, woke up to some great news
yeah that's what steered me away. I mean, as much as I want to drive an S-class, I've seen the horrors my buddy has gone through with his. He has the previous generation (03 s500) and every little thing is such a huge bill. I remember he once told me how much his brakes cost for parts and labour and it was then that I decided that if I am going to buy an S-class it will surely have to be under warranty. The only reason he keeps the car is because it was his father's first...
New Posts  All Forums: