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Hey! It's been so long since I've been back here; it's like an entirely new site! I've been so busy with finishing up school and looking to get my life started that posting has kind of gotten pushed to the side. This is probably one of the only threads I've perused despite my non-activity. The stuff you guys can put together is beyond me and my admiration for your guys' talents is actually what really ignited my passion for cooking.Yes! This is exactly what I need. That...
wow, the Vertex Radiance Collection is exactly what I was looking for. And they are on sale! Thanks so much!
Hey guys, any suggestions where I can get some decent dinnerware? I want something preferably with a wide rim, akin to ehkay's last post. I'm having some trouble finding anything I like and was hoping someone here might able to point me in the right direction. I already picked up a nice set of squared plates, but I want to have a couple of sets. Thanks!
Hey guys, I have a Thick as Thieves herringbone suit. It is a 2 button suit in medium grey. It is a nice suit, especially given the price point. I have not worn it because it is a little bit too tight for me (I am on the upper scale of 36). I have had it for years but have not thought to sell. If you want it, it is yours. 200 + shipping + paypal fees (or gift). I will be adding pictures shortly.
that is hilarious.
that isn't entirely how it went down.The picture (a still from the video) shows Ford with three men, one of which is dead and one of which is in jail. There are questions swirling around the death of the man pictured with Ford and its peculiar timing. Also, the news of the existence of the tape came out in court documents of one of Ford's associates who has been charged with extortion in connection to the tape. So it clearly shows that Ford was very interested in...
the worst part is he did it in the one of the worst neighbourhoods in the city. I guess it means he keeps the populist vote..?
lately I've really been loving van Rossum's use of natural materials. I have been keeping an eye on this (Kops) table
this has been the most fun this city has had in a while. it's great by the way, it isn't as easy as everybody seems to think it is to remove Ford from office. There isn't an impeachment process, and there isn't enough to charge him. Legally, he hasn't "done anything wrong" in the sense that there is no 'proof' of what he was smoking etc. and they would need to have him convicted in order to drive him from office (or in jail for 30 or more days). The implications are...
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