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wow, the Vertex Radiance Collection is exactly what I was looking for. And they are on sale! Thanks so much!
Hey guys, any suggestions where I can get some decent dinnerware? I want something preferably with a wide rim, akin to ehkay's last post. I'm having some trouble finding anything I like and was hoping someone here might able to point me in the right direction. I already picked up a nice set of squared plates, but I want to have a couple of sets. Thanks!
Hey guys, I have a Thick as Thieves herringbone suit. It is a 2 button suit in medium grey. It is a nice suit, especially given the price point. I have not worn it because it is a little bit too tight for me (I am on the upper scale of 36). I have had it for years but have not thought to sell. If you want it, it is yours. 200 + shipping + paypal fees (or gift). I will be adding pictures shortly.
that is hilarious.
lately I've really been loving van Rossum's use of natural materials. I have been keeping an eye on this (Kops) table
anybody know where I can get a pair of DH raws in 27? kind of want to buy asap. LVR is sold out and they're usually who I buy from.
I need a pair of new DH raws in 27. willing to purchase immediately
awesome. a lot more fun than the bs I'm doing haha
what school do you go to?
still not a fan. to me it comes off as business casual. or something youd see on an nbc sitcom on a "trendy" character with a plaid shirt, selvage jeans (cuff up obv) and brown DBs.i understand where youre going with the knit suggestion, seeing as the basis for my position is that there is no level of formality that would require a tie and not a jacket. so a casual tie would, theoretically, ameliorate that.
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