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base GL450 is 75 here in Canada. Comfortably equipped, it's 82. Either way, like I said, it's beyond what I'm comfortable spending
damn, 12 seconds lol I'd be better off riding a bike. was looking at diesels because I was thinking that, once I'm done with the vehicle, I could ship it overseas and leave it in Europe (gas is stupidly high over there so diesel makes much more sense).I doubt I'd be able to get a 2013; they are ~80 right? too high for me right now. I don't want to be left with financing (don't think I'd even qualify); I'd rather just use what I have and pay the vehicle upfront. 4-matic...
I was thinking this. what was your experience with it? also, iirc they have a bluetec (?) that is essentially a diesel. is that any good?
No thanks.does anyone really need a 7-series..?insurance isn't going to be a problem; car will never be in my name and will be under fleet insurance.okay, maybe a 7 isn't the best idea. I don't want something childish though. Any suggestions?I've moved on from the A/S5 simply because I see the necessity for a sedan/SUV. I mean, I love the car, but those back seats are tiny and I could never feasibly take people outp.s nice pickup on the XK. The R is so awesome. Not really...
some things have changed and I need to purchase a car sort of soon and it doesn't look like I'll be getting much help. anyone have any experience with repairs/maintenance on a 7 series? particularly an 08-10 one. will have around 20-30k miles on it (since most of you are US, I did the conversion). anything I should know prior to getting into one?
you guys talked me out of the OC boots. so now onto Carpe Diem, they true to size? Will a 41 fit a US 8?
don't know about you, but I'll be in Stephen Schneider, Dior, and Jil Sander
sometimes its for the best when a band quits while theyre on top, even if that was not at all their intention. i find that theyre are only a select few bands that can stick together for a very long time without tarnishing their original image/sound. that being said, it definitely sucks wishing "what could have been", but it definitely is better than looking back and saying "wtf happened?"what i dont get: 'stylish' fat people. i mean, i hate 'stylish' skinny people too, but...
does anyone here have any experience with officine creative? thinking about buying a pair of boots, but I've never heard anything about the maker.
spam in the clothing reviews? the "Ed Hardy Men's Highrise Highrise Sneaker" review by james68 seem to be spam for some asian blog of some sort.
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