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I have mixed feelings about this.While, yes, the community seems to have changed drastically and may not be the same community that appealed to me so much before, there is still that persistent notion of glorifying the past.On the one hand, the forum's demographic seems to have shifted in a manner that would not necessarily be as appealing to me. That isn't to say that all new posters are shit, but from what little I have read, there seems to be a lot more posters who...
haha I didn't mean for it to be at all. I guess, in hindsight, I can see how it can be misconstrued as such. The reality is nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds, trust me.hey guys! I've just focused a lot of my time on other things and trying to figure out my place in life. I've been taking things a lot more seriously in terms of school and future employment prospects. With all of that monopolizing my time posting has really been put on the back-burner.It's also rather...
trying to get phone lines for a business is absolutely the worst thing.
also, check out worsttradtattoos I'm perplexed as to what I think about this page. On one hand, it's mildly entertaining to see some of the abominations posted (shaky lines, horrible shading and really poorly done colour). But on the other hand, I can't help but feel bad for both the tattooed and the artist. Tell me what you guys think!
old post, but I'll bite.yes and no. Yes they are obviously meant to be seen, but no not everybody subscribes to the mantra that you are purporting. I cover up my tattoos as much as possible -- it's not that I am ashamed of them, but I do not want them to be a defining factor. I mostly wear long sleeved shirts. For instance, my friends didn't even know I got a big piece on my left arm for months after the fact.That is to say that I also do not subscribe to the whole "look...
anybody watching this MTL v CHI game? Unreal
This is one is not so much as messed up, just a little odd and overly hipster. Nonetheless, I love the both the song and the band. Chasing Kurt - From the Inside
yah? really?! oh.p.s great beard Bhowie! I am truly envious! I just got rid of mine 15 minutes ago for an upcoming interview
NY and Chicago is the primary reason why I felt that the series could continue but you articulated it much better. I have never thought of a spin-off, but that introduces an interesting prospect that leaves even a faint glimmer of hope. I would love to see more of the NY gang or Capone's rise.
Unfortunate news for Boardwalk Empire, but I am very excited for the new seasons of Veep and Game of Thrones. What are your thoughts on ending the series? Personally, I felt that it could have had one more season after this, but I agree with the overall sentiment of going out on top.
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