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Yeah that was a huge story. There was apparently 2 boulders that did that big damage.this picture shows just how unlucky they were. I mean, there was so much space around and it just happened to hit that particular spot. Mindblowingand in this video, you can see that the second boulder that stops >4 feet from hitting the other side of the house (put your speakers on mute)
I most definitely did. It's also nice to know that it ages well, seeing as I would like to try my hand at that. Thanks!
It's actually not that expensive. I believe it is priced at 45$ per bottle at the LCBO (I can't recall the last time I bought a single bottle, so this is an estimate). I actually got into it because a good friend of mine and his grandfather, whom I regularly drink with, religiously buy it. As they say, "When in Rome"Now for the 1990. Yes, admittedly, that was pricier. Moreover, that vintage is not my ''go to''; I usually buy whatever the LCBO or that particular restaurant...
I actually had no idea before I got this. After looking it up (because of how impressed I was) I found that out. I have had very little experience with L'Occitane outside of what my mother buys for herself.
I know that this is not a fragrance per se, but L'Occitane Baux deodorant is quite possibly the best-smelling deodorant I have come across.
what is going on with CHI? Their play is so lackluster. as I typed this, Hossa put in a PPG edit: now they've tied it and made me look like a real idiot haha edit2: and now Toews helped me in fantasy
My recent go to wine has been Masi Amarone. I really like the 1990. I'm curious what the more experienced guys think about this particular wine.
nor should they!I am absolutely enamoured by Aubrey. Great gif!
I have mixed feelings about this.While, yes, the community seems to have changed drastically and may not be the same community that appealed to me so much before, there is still that persistent notion of glorifying the past.On the one hand, the forum's demographic seems to have shifted in a manner that would not necessarily be as appealing to me. That isn't to say that all new posters are shit, but from what little I have read, there seems to be a lot more posters who...
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