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Fun fact: notable Piedmontese winemakers Camilo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi were responsible for Italy as we see it today.Will try some out this weekend.
Yeah that was a huge story. There was apparently 2 boulders that did that big damage.this picture shows just how unlucky they were. I mean, there was so much space around and it just happened to hit that particular spot. Mindblowingand in this video, you can see that the second boulder that stops >4 feet from hitting the other side of the house (put your speakers on mute)
I most definitely did. It's also nice to know that it ages well, seeing as I would like to try my hand at that. Thanks!
It's actually not that expensive. I believe it is priced at 45$ per bottle at the LCBO (I can't recall the last time I bought a single bottle, so this is an estimate). I actually got into it because a good friend of mine and his grandfather, whom I regularly drink with, religiously buy it. As they say, "When in Rome"Now for the 1990. Yes, admittedly, that was pricier. Moreover, that vintage is not my ''go to''; I usually buy whatever the LCBO or that particular restaurant...
I actually had no idea before I got this. After looking it up (because of how impressed I was) I found that out. I have had very little experience with L'Occitane outside of what my mother buys for herself.
I know that this is not a fragrance per se, but L'Occitane Baux deodorant is quite possibly the best-smelling deodorant I have come across.
what is going on with CHI? Their play is so lackluster. as I typed this, Hossa put in a PPG edit: now they've tied it and made me look like a real idiot haha edit2: and now Toews helped me in fantasy
My recent go to wine has been Masi Amarone. I really like the 1990. I'm curious what the more experienced guys think about this particular wine.
nor should they!I am absolutely enamoured by Aubrey. Great gif!
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