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Stitch, my friend, how have you been?! I've finally made my way back to SF hahaA lot has changed, but overall I'm doing well.Also, thank you for the tip! Excuse my ignorance, but changing time both directions does not hurt the watch? The second JLC is the local one.sorry for the confusion! What I meant by that was are there typical issues that happen around a certain age of the watch that I would have to be looking out for? (i.e a 4 year old JLC watch is susceptible to...
hey! just edited my above post with my options. Thanks!
hey guys, any tips on buying a secondhand watch? is there anything in particular I should be looking out for? The watch will come with box and papers, and I will obviously inspect the case and bezel for dings, but is there anything else that may be indicative of wear that I may not have thought of/may not be immediately apparent? The warranty is also out of date. Is that going to be as big of an issue as I am imagining? Thanks so much! Also, maybe you guys can direct...
I don't really do breakfast that often, but a nice espresso and madeleines on a crisp spring morning is heavenly.
Fun fact: notable Piedmontese winemakers Camilo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi were responsible for Italy as we see it today.Will try some out this weekend.
Yeah that was a huge story. There was apparently 2 boulders that did that big damage.this picture shows just how unlucky they were. I mean, there was so much space around and it just happened to hit that particular spot. Mindblowingand in this video, you can see that the second boulder that stops >4 feet from hitting the other side of the house (put your speakers on mute)
I most definitely did. It's also nice to know that it ages well, seeing as I would like to try my hand at that. Thanks!
It's actually not that expensive. I believe it is priced at 45$ per bottle at the LCBO (I can't recall the last time I bought a single bottle, so this is an estimate). I actually got into it because a good friend of mine and his grandfather, whom I regularly drink with, religiously buy it. As they say, "When in Rome"Now for the 1990. Yes, admittedly, that was pricier. Moreover, that vintage is not my ''go to''; I usually buy whatever the LCBO or that particular restaurant...
I actually had no idea before I got this. After looking it up (because of how impressed I was) I found that out. I have had very little experience with L'Occitane outside of what my mother buys for herself.
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