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I'm like 1-1.5 inches taller so I'll let you know what it's like
Watching them make the food sounds interesting. How many courses is Momofuku? They suggest slotting 2.5 hrs for dinner so there must be quite a few.I'll probably keep Daniel for when I go with my dad to NYC (sounds like something he would be more into).
how tall are you? I'll prob order a few and tell you how they fit (I am short too)
Thanks a lot!
Was it a heavy seafood focus? A lot of what I've seen (mainly friend's instagram) has a lot of fresh fish being served.
[[SPOILER]] The salad reminds me a lot of the salad at cafe boulud.Speaking of which, was looking at going to Daniel or Momofuku Ko when I'm in NYC. I'm open to other suggestions if there are better options out there.Ultimately, I just want to go somewhere nice and have a good experience.
my dudes, any suggestions for eating in NYC? want to do some cool shit while I'm in town (June 11-14). Was looking at Momofuku Ko or Daniel or something like that for a tasting menu. I'll be doing Frankie's 457 one night and another joint for the other night. Are those spots lame? How's the vibe? Should I change it up? Thanks guys
thinkin' DWTI will surge early tomorrow in response to the drop today
What I struggle with is the purpose of it all.Are they somehow augmenting their image because, by sheer happenstance, they were in the same location as somebody else who has the means to afford a vehicle like that? Or are they trying to portray the implication that they somehow own said vehicle? I see this a lot with the millennial generation and social media, and the question often crosses my mind. I will see an instagram-famous girl, whom I know drives a C-class, posing...
is ********* censored here or something? loledit: hilarious. any insight as to why that is the case?
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