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but it being in production implies that he can satisfy demand.I mean, Fok suggests spending money on logistics, but I doubt Drew will want to spend $XX,XXX to make guys on the internet shut up.
I'm actually kind of curious if Drew even has enough jackets made (or enough resources to have enough jackets made) to satisfy all orders.
honestly, Drew is fucked. I am one of the ones who said not to involve unassociated business partners, but now it is absolutely clear that this is the only way. Drew doesn't offer any communication whatsoever but immediately logs on once his other business is being sullied. I do not know if he is avoiding this mess because he knows he is too far gone and simply cannot fix it (due to lack of resources or whatever the case may be), but he surely cannot be this dense. It's...
$$$ on those LL puts. gift from the mighty gods today!
holy shit this is still going on?
Went furniture shopping the other day and instantly fell in love with this.
a) you need to relax. you're way too uptightb) don't project your own inadequacies on me; just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it is an insult to you.c) pot, meet kettle.
so meta.
I'm like 1-1.5 inches taller so I'll let you know what it's like
Watching them make the food sounds interesting. How many courses is Momofuku? They suggest slotting 2.5 hrs for dinner so there must be quite a few.I'll probably keep Daniel for when I go with my dad to NYC (sounds like something he would be more into).
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