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if you fin lows in a 41, shoot me a PM please. fuck sakes I miss OG GATS. should have stocked up on them
I saw one of these in Toronto, but it had a Chinese (or what I perceived to be) guys name on the small rear window. It also had legal plates, was pretty cool to see.edit: but it didn't say "power tour" on the side
I was commenting on the use of syrup a mere minutes before you posted how you actively avoid using the word
just got this little guy:
also, Neo. wtfman, I have a super fast metabolism, but these god damned IPAs are giving me a pancia!
reading Peter Brown's Power and Persuasion in Late Antiquity. It's a moderately difficult read, but it's oddly fulfilling
was driving a Navigator L last summer when gas hit 1.80/L (premium). she took like 250$ of gas per tank!
damn, I guess it does make sense to do it. My thought was always that they'd waste so much in gas by going into a nearby city or town that any benefit would be insignificant. It makes more sense if the US plays ball and puts up stations directly at the border
around 1.25-1.30/L (will get back to you with conversions in a sec). but premium is much higher, around 1.45-1.55/L.edit: we are currently at ~ 6/gallon. Last summer regular was around 140-150 and premium was almost 1.80. What is gas like down south? iirc, a lot of border towns drive over to fill up. This concept has always had me dumbfounded
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