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but it isn't ganging up at all if you're actually being dumb. has it gotten to the point that any criticism = ganging up? no, if you say something stupid, somebody will inevitably address you accordingly ( and as such, if it is a persistent matter, it will become a defacto persona). again, I'm not saying you are stupid or anything, but that was a really poor choice to illustrate your point (I'll read on for this good debate, but that post as a standalone is pretty...
to be fair what you said was pretty dumb, bhowie was just calling a spade a spade.
great day in the market, woke up to some great news
yeah that's what steered me away. I mean, as much as I want to drive an S-class, I've seen the horrors my buddy has gone through with his. He has the previous generation (03 s500) and every little thing is such a huge bill. I remember he once told me how much his brakes cost for parts and labour and it was then that I decided that if I am going to buy an S-class it will surely have to be under warranty. The only reason he keeps the car is because it was his father's first...
yes, those high end cars drop drastically once out of warranty. saw an 08 S550 with the designo package for 40k with only 30km on it. id never buy it because it would be a bitch on maintenance
lol dickhead doc, look at how much of a fucking imbecile you are, even your fucking math doesn't make sense haha. it takes more bullets to kill in core, yet, according to you, that means less misses? even with your bullshit "not registering" simple logic will deduce that in core more bullets would not register as a result of your so-called phantom detection.you are fucking shit and I already called you out to play an objective game with me to show you how I "camp". plain...
heading to a french restaurant tonight for my birthday dinner! could be my first taste of tartare
hey Pio, long time no talk. how have you been?p.s you're forgetting Tim Horton's and Wendy's, and KFC and Taco Bell!
haha not mad, just Doc trying to throw me under the bus for him having shitty stats. half of the stuff he said doesn't even make sense. for instance:then goes on to say:dafuq???also, his whole diatribe on accuracy not being relevant because of hardcore is completely bullshit and illogical. if its "one shot, one kill" in HC, then the amount of bullets that "wouldnt register" (and this is according to Doc) would be far less than in core, simply because you would be shooting...
first time I'm on this site in weeks and this is the first shit I see? don't be mad that you suck Doc.
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