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William Wallace actually died wearing hi-top GATs
maybe not directly (although, with his ability to reach so many people and name dropping, he may have a direct impact), but he definitely speaks to a huge market that will ultimately dictate what is produced to maximize profits. it's all about demand
aloha doesn't have my size and I didn't even know MMM had an online site....shit's changed!
only lows I've sen in a long time were odd coloured (greens, blues etc.) or entirely leather, without the suede. I want just simple low MMM GATs
too bad they don't stock 3s. I guess I'll have to try a 4 in the Sevan Sweater
if you fin lows in a 41, shoot me a PM please. fuck sakes I miss OG GATS. should have stocked up on them
I saw one of these in Toronto, but it had a Chinese (or what I perceived to be) guys name on the small rear window. It also had legal plates, was pretty cool to see.edit: but it didn't say "power tour" on the side
I was commenting on the use of syrup a mere minutes before you posted how you actively avoid using the word
just got this little guy:
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