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don't know about you, but I'll be in Stephen Schneider, Dior, and Jil Sander
sometimes its for the best when a band quits while theyre on top, even if that was not at all their intention. i find that theyre are only a select few bands that can stick together for a very long time without tarnishing their original image/sound. that being said, it definitely sucks wishing "what could have been", but it definitely is better than looking back and saying "wtf happened?"what i dont get: 'stylish' fat people. i mean, i hate 'stylish' skinny people too, but...
does anyone here have any experience with officine creative? thinking about buying a pair of boots, but I've never heard anything about the maker.
spam in the clothing reviews? the "Ed Hardy Men's Highrise Highrise Sneaker" review by james68 seem to be spam for some asian blog of some sort.
do they still give out that cool artwork at La Carnita? should be a place I go more often since I'm right there. probably going to go back there tonight
a friend's family member has the nicest SLS I've ever seen. It's white and lowered right to the ground, with a set of rims on it. I usually don't like cars with anything done to them, but this car is a thing of beauty. I'll try and snap a picture of it next time I'm around
anybody have experience with Officine Creative boots? saw a pair I really loved. was just curious if they were worth it
are you saying I should lease my vehicle over buying it?
yeah, to see nice cars you'll have to hang around the Yonge/Bloor area. yorkville and cumberland are two streets that are great for car spotting. but to be honest, the best cars I've seen were in the suburbs.
hey peeeebs, I have half of my summer goal list knocked off!
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