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Im staying in Williamsburg in about a week. Am i going to die?
what sorts of positions are you interviewing for?
wow, it is really surprising how dense this guy is. how can you be a smug prick when you've caused ALL of this?and his list seems like a pacifier. It pales in comparison to the list of orders outstanding.
well yeah, you guys paid for it
Very true. My error in misreading that
take this for what it is worth since i am not a TOJ buyer: if the restaurant is in the middle of a sale, i think it would be in their best interest to keep you guys quiet. and maybe that means keeping him physically away from the restaurant or something. i just dont see the logic in removing him (assuming they'd have to buy him out) immediately prior to a sale.
i dunno, i wouldn't buy it. even if it is an actor on behalf of the restaurant, would they really remove him? or would they say they did simply to get you guys to stop? im thinking the latter
holy shit it is like TOJ's very own deepthroat!
this thread is killer. drew is the supreme shitlord of all shitlords. feel sorry for all you guys who got taken. if any of you are ever in toronto hit me up and ill buy you a beer or some shit
fuck deferred tax assets and liabilities. seriously, fuck them.
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