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dealing with people on grailed is death
Thankfully I saved it for the last day!I'll fit right in with the hipsters of williamsburg though!
Any options traders here?
Now we're talking!All jokes aside, thanks forall your help guys. I will amend my schedule accordingly
The reason i chose brooklyn (particularly williamsburg) was because on the saturday i will be getting tattooed pretty much all day in 2 separate shops in brooklyn. Id rather a short trek on that day and longer on the other days.Also chose williamsburg because it is very close to manhattan and directly in between both shops. This and momofuku are basically the reasons im in nyc lol
Yeah she wants to go the outdoors. Good call on times sq in evening. That frees up my day time a bit.Also, how much are cabs typically? Exorbitant? Or reasonable?
Was planning to go to the on by the bridge (no idea what DUMBO is).Do you think it is too much? Should i save moma for friday?
To be honest i am more interested in seeing its operations in person. Ive been following their meteoric rise and am genuinely curious to see what they offer, quality, and how well it will hold up (fwiw i am bearish)That and my gf wants to take one of the stereotypical shake shack burger pics
Any suggestions? My plans thus far: Thurs - shake shack lunch, touristy brklyn bridge pics, then met, moma, guggenheim, and a stroll in central park. Then dinner at Frank's restaurant in manhattan. Dont know where to afterwards. Friday - gf wants to see times square (i dont really care for it) and then she wants to see the 9/11 memorial. We will be at momofuku ko for dinner. No idea what to do after (maybe santos party house for a show?). Saturday - evening dinner at...
Just making sure the area will be safe. Planning on spending most nights in lower manhattan. Thanks guys @gdl203 no, but i sure hate the process of pickling.
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