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need some restaurant recommendations (hopefully it's not too late) i don't want anything that is CRAZY expensive, just something nice and casual will be coo i made reservations at Animal but it's at 10:30 so do you guys have any good places to recommend for a guy that's not from here? and what are some fun things to do after?
go with a darker shoe right? and my suit looks black in that bit but its a dark, navy also stop commenting on that pic already hahaha i know it's bad.
i should have taken this picture earlier. what do you guys think? too much for a wedding? it seems like the event to me its like semi casual semi formal? whatever it is, i just want to play it safe. that is probably the best thing im looking for right now.
i guess i should ask what other people are wearing to get a better bearing on it. but yes, i prefer to go for a safe option. I think my roommate said he has some shoe polish that will make the shoe a bit darker, but not to the degree of dark brown. i think if i can't find a dark brown shoe that looks good or cheaper than what I paid for the cole haan i will go with the shoe polish option. right now im still looking for a suit example that has my suit and shoe color to...
aaahwill it work with a dark, navy suit? i mean, i don't want to keep changing the aspects, but the shoes i have looks like a shade darker than the one i posted. i would say it's a in between the tan calf one and the dark brown one.if it doesnt work i can always return them. still have 27 days
thanks for that explanation. i was curious why those were bad. but the first Justin Timberlake pic is tasteful right? i'm a slim guy and i would like to fit something similar to that at least. also i would like to go with a white shirt but i hate how most white shirts are see through. i wear an undershirt and ideally i don't want that to show through.
hahaha i did not know that photo was that bad. holy shit but thanks for the tips mensimageconsultant. to clarify, the shoes color is the http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/catalog/product.jsp?catId=100&productId=528744&productGroup=528743 the british tan calf, NOT THE DARK BROWN. hopefully that doesn't change anything. i bought it also because i thought it could be versatile for other events.
so i went to h&m and bought a cheap. dark, navy suit. i know, it's h&m , but i don't want to spend that much right now. then i went to nordstrom rack and bought some british tan calf, cole haan wingtips for $130 http://www.colehaan.com/colehaan/catalog/product.jsp?catId=100&productId=528744&productGroup=528743 kinda like these ^ but has some nike shit on it on too hahah what do you guys think of that color combo? and if it's cool what kind of shirts and tie i should...
-i am a guest -oxfords i meant oxfords shirts ahhaha im not sure how formal it is yet, but i will ask and report back thanks for the help and i prefer not to thrift shop. i will increase my budget then but is there a suit combo/color + shoes that could never go wrong ? like the in between form and informal?
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