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size 8 7.5-8/10 Comes with original shoebox $90 + $17 shipping.
there was a pre-order for customizable tennis trainer lows. i ordered a white shoe with white heel tab
what's the ETA on the tennis trainer low pre-orders?
man. trying to pick up these 1's today but struck out. how do people even buy them on footlocker, footaction, etc.? bots? i thought these sites are well aware of that and would make them harder to get. not going to pay resale. i guess ill wait another 3-5 years.
for the summer 2016 white sneaker project, what color will the inner-liner be? white/grey/or that milk coffee brown ?
is there any white tennis low in size 8.5-9 at the shop?
80% off! the only time i could afford visvim and i didntnt even know about it.
this is my first time hearing of this sample sale. does dsm/cdq have this sample sale annually?and was there any visvim pieces to be had at good prices?
just checked the site - do they not sell all white Los angeles sneakers anymore??
waiting for the 30% discount on visvim....
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