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it doesn't work with Common projects looking for black shoes now
i should have picked up those fbts. my size 8 sat there for two days straight. damn. damn.
does epaulet ever go on sale or have sample sales?
i had bought a sale item but returned it and only got store credit. I don't imagine id use it on anything but CP's and decided to take the plunge with this code
thank you thank you thank you. finally bought my white CP's with this!Went to the News Showroom around 2:I never knew CP made so ugly shoes. A lot of Cheap mondays stuff. does anyone know if they will restock on stuff?the only cool availables were some navy suede achilles and some gray ones with gum soles. Size 42/$175Went to Steven Alan after around 3/4pm:-a lot of denim from baldwin/steven alan/levis.-saw some norse chinos size 33s left for $40-maybe like 5 Reigning...
i will for sure be going to that tomorrow. waking up early to see if i can snatch a white Achilles!
i thot the sample sale starts tomorrow?also was there any CP stuff on sale?
anyone been to the news showroom sample sale in NY? curious about their CP sample stuff...
do you recall which stores had sales?I will be hunting for a white achilles.... :x
what is the likelihood there will be some sales for cp's during thanksgiving holiday?
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