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Can someone set me up with an google + invite?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero That song blows. +1
Metallica-For whom the bells tolls
Are you sure you are selling the 257? It looks more like the 258 model.
I got a flyer in the mail that is 25% off from my entire purchase from April 8-14.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt I had this discussion with the boys a few years back...consensus: her mind may be shallower than a normal girl, but her vagina is the same depth. This is good, I need to remember this one
Interesting if not a little creepy.
I'll be interested in what luggage people are recommending. I'll be in Amsterdam and Milan for 10 days also. I heard the carry on restrictions are pretty tight over in Europe.
Caught her show at Bele Chere last weekend...Great Show!
I think I'll pull myself out of the chase and let you guys have a go at her.
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