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You should definitely wear white gloves with white tie, at least while dancing. One does not want to soil one's partner's dress, nor inadvertently press flesh to flesh! You can take the gloves off for eating.
The midnight blue one I own is shawl collar, one button, of course, which I wear with cummerbund, but I also have a white double breasted shawl collar dinner jacket, which I wear with neither vest nor cummerbund. When I replace the worn out peak lapel single breasted, I will undoubtedly wear it with a white vest.
We've certainly got them in DC. I can also speak for New York and Boston. And I am assuming we are not talking about excessively warm, angry rabbits, chocolate or otherwise.
Six feet, two inches, the perfect height, though the world often seems to have been made for much smaller people.
Uniform. In the late 1960's at my high school that meant black pants, white or blue shirt, navy blazer, blue and gold striped tie, black socks and shoes. But that changed radically as we rushed headlong toward the 1970's. We were allowed to wear other sorts of ties, first. Then it degenerated and even pants and shirts could be different. Only the blue blazer remained untouched.
I've got on a dark green shirt, black with gold vine pattern tie, green and brown tweed sportcoat with a pale gold pocket square, gray wool trousers, brown shoes. I don't think I would wear a bright green tie, however. Oh, and I am at least in part Irish, in spite of the name. My paternal grandmother was Irish.
Quote: Originally Posted by Impulse155 15, and i do all the work i possibly can to get a skinnier stomach, but it never works. Im a guy thatll run 5 miles a day, play sports, do crunchers, do leg lifts, anything to make myself lose a few inches yet if i do lose an inch, itll take about 2 months I had friends who at 15 didn't even look like they had hit puberty yet, let alone developed defined muscles! Just keep exercising and give...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang No, not even goggles. While we're on the subject, other than temporary irritation the chlorine will not damage my eyes, right? I have found no scientific evidence that pool chlorine will damage your eyes, but I wear goggles anyway. I don't need the irritation.
I swim regularly as part of my exercise routine, and that is what happens to me. And I have rather oily hair. I just use conditioner each time I wash the chlorine out of my hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by freakseam Question for Joseph Casazza: Generally speaking, do you believe that as one ages, one requires less calories? Generally, yes, you require fewer calories as you age. Your metabolism does slow down. At 21, I weighed about as much as I do now, but I consumed a lot more calories worth of food every day. I also believe I am more active now than at 21 (I was a very studious type - usually in the library or in...
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