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C&J UK 7 Adelaide
Mmm. Lovely . . .
Listed as chukkas. Not.
"Of course the boots I want are pre-order and store exclusive. If anyone has a pair of the Color 8 Plain Toe Boot, Plaza Last, Cordovan, in size 7.5D they want to sell let me know . I'd consider captoe, too. Otherwise, I'll see you other punks in the pre-order. "" If you want black shell, and much cheaper, there's a plain-toe boot, commando, on Trubalance, in a 7E among the irregulars at The Shoe Mart. 7E...
I quite like this:
Can anyone post the list of 7 D's?
3-4 grenadines (Hober; Mountain & Sackett) 2-4 belts
Are they, as slappy put it, "chunky at the toe," or are they unbulbous? I'm trying to avoid Redwing GT bulbousness (no offense to the RW GT fans) and am hoping for no more blobbiness than that of the Alden Indies (and preferably less). I'm a small guy with little feet.
But AU$260 (US$214) here:
Anyone have experience of these boots? I'm looking for a comfortable lace-up work boot, decent enough looking to serve at the office on days with bad weather. Not much comment on these on the interwebs.
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