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Worn 7 times. They're just a bit too big: I get a little heel slippage, one of the problems (for me) with the Van last. Sizing: I wear a 7.5D on the Hampton and Plaza lasts and in AE Park Avenues, 7.5D or 7E in Aberdeen, 7D in Barrie. These are Shoemart Irregulars; there's a stitching error at the right side of the strap on the right shoe (see photo). Only you will notice it. They'll ship with Alden box and shoe bags; trees not included. $10 upcharge to ship outside...
Worn only 5 times. They're too elegant for me and perhaps a bit narrow for my foot (AE and Alden Hampton 7.5D; Alden Aberdeen 7 E; C&J Last 325 either 6.5 or 7 E). It should also be observed that the two shoes are creasing a bit differently, hence what I hope will seem an especially reasonable price. They'll come without trees in a generic box. Paypal gift. $50
NST, of course.
Lovely shoes. Wish they hadn't been so huge.
Going to extremes could raise the bar a bit. A person regularly dressing at extremes of slovenliness -- t-shirt -- elegance -- Savile Row -- or niche -- seersucker and bowtie -- would be making himself conspicuous in ways irrelevant to the job and would thus constantly raise the question, "does he have attention to spare for the professional work?" Of course, that question comes up anyway at review time, but I wouldn't want to be raising the question on a daily basis.
Necktie person here. Nice shoes. Usually not a sport coat, but not infrequently. (Perhaps this will elicit the howls about the mall salesperson uniform.) That puts me a couple of notches up the ladder of formality over my colleagues, including a couple of deans. Can't say that it helps or hurts. I dress this way because I like to do so. But I've noticed that the administrative staff people often comment appreciatively, and I don't think it's insincere. In fact, I...
Park Avenue in Merlot. Possibly the most versatile shoe you can buy.
Most versatile would be a no.8 shell captoe boot. Next would be a wingtip boot.
I bought them, wore them twice, but am going to resell them. They're just a bit snug. PM if interested: $120 (Paypal gift), including shipping. I also have a Grenson wholecut, worn 4 times, in a UK 6.5 F that I'd happily include as part of a package deal.
Dresses left.
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