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Alden black full strap shell loafers in the ever-popular size 7.5D
Quote: "anyone have any pictures of a plaza last wingtip boot? " Medallion tip, but it's a start. Gives you the toe shape pretty clearly. Hope it helps.
. . . whereas I feel that the reverse welt makes a slightly bulbous last like the Barrie seem a little sleeker. Horses for courses.
For everything but an interview or a funeral. Or a baseball game.
But the online site doesn't seem to allow for deduction of VAT for those making purchases from outside the EU.
You left out the measurements on the Donegal (#2), no?
These are from the Grenson Rose collection on the 096 last. I purchased them from another forum member and have worn them only 3 times since then; they're just a bit tight for me. (I'm a 7.5D in Alden Hampton and Plaza and in AE Park Ave; 7D in Alden Barrie; 7.5D or 7E in Alden Aberdeen.) $105 U.S. shipping included; international at cost.
Got the wrong size. If anyone wants to swap a 7.5D for a 7D, I'd happily make the exchange. I've worn my 7Ds only indoors on carpet; they're a bit too small.
Not Whiskey, of course, but gorgeous.
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