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They have it at the NYC store on Madison.
Slight disagreement. The AE Park Avenue in merlot calf is about as versatile a shoe as there is. I don't know what it doesn't go with, though someone here can tell me. In a pinch, suitable for funerals (whereas there are many, many situations in which a black shoe will just look goofy aesthetically). $335 from allaboutshoes. The Alden equivalent, the 906 captoe bal in burgundy calf on the Hampton last, is more expensive, although if an irregular is available via The...
Am contemplating boots and am torn between the Alcudia calf perf-tip and the Soller shell cap-toe. Best fitting shoes I own are Aldens on Hampton last in 7.5D, Barrie lasted 7D's, and C&J 6.5E on the 325 last. I also do well in AE PAs in 7.5D and Alden Aberdeens in 7E. C&J Bradford in a 7E (341 last) is a bit too wide. Carmina Sollers 6.5? Alcudia 7?
Seems to me that the Ravello WT boot would be a great complement to what you already have.
Has anyone noticed that The Shoe Mart is listing some makeups in #4 cordovan? They say they have to be shipped from the factory, but I don't think I've ever noticed these. Not that I would benefit. They start at a hulking 8.5. Can't figure out who wears such gargantuan shoes . . .
They'd fit me, too, but I can't help feeling that they look kind of like a dopp kit.
C, D, G.
I fear that this is very much a you-have-to-try-it-on matter. But I'm a 7D in Barrie, which fits a tad loosely, and my 7.5D Hamptons are the best-fitting shoes I own. I tend to wear the same socks in both, but occasionally compensate for the slight looseness of the Barrie by using heavier socks. So it really sounds to me like you'd be best off in 11D.
Let's also get the Soller into this, if possible.(It'd be wonderful if we could get the range of Alden sizing equivalents onto the matrix: "X people size down .5 from Alden Barrie on this last, Y use their Barrie size; Q size down 1 from Alden Plaza . . . " A lot to ask, but what's a forum without desiderata?)
I usually receive the Shoemart Irreg list on a non-gmail acct. for 7D, 7E, and 7.5d, but nothing came this time. If anyone's feeling generous, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me the list.
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