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Sargent Havant chukka, UK 6.5F. Worn three times and in very nearly new condition. I think these are beautiful, but they're a bit tight for me in the toe box, so I've not been wearing them. (I'm generally a US 7.5D. I can provide comparative sizing information wrt to a couple of Alden, Carmina, C&J, and AE lasts if that will help). I don't believe I have the original box or bags, but will look earnestly.
Any shell ptb's in 40.5?
Would that they would update the web store, which seems to have been condemned to atrophy.
I found 20% off through 11/29 at J Michaels Clothiers and their regular prices on some things seem pretty good to begin with.
Please PM price and availability for Leeds Burgundy Shell in 7.5D. Thanks so much.
So no Alt Wien in burgundy calf? Well then, off to choose among the C&J Westfield (though I wanted a blucher), the Alden 2145 (though I wanted something redder), or the AE shell Leeds (though I wanted a semi-brogue). Sigh . . .
Sigh. I'd just like a burgundy calf Alt Wien.
Citizen Eco-Drive Men's Canvas Strap Watch #BM8180-03E. It's a quartz, charges on sunlight. Not as elegant as the Stowa.
9.5D or 9E
Very interested in #4 with medallion cap on Grant, all eyelets, and any sole but commando. Prefer storm welt. I defer to wiser heads on edge color.
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