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They'd have a lot of my money if they'd ever stock anything as small as a US 7.5.
Hampton is my favorite last. I also own a Plaza boot, which is also quite comfortable for me in the exact same size. (7.5D).
I'm very disappointed by the loss of vast amounts of space to ads. This is now an annoyingly cluttered site.
^^ gorgeous. Too bad it's not a semi-brogue. When all is said and done, all the world really needs is a semi-brogue blucher in #4 or a properly reddish Ravello. In a 7.5D or 7E.
I haven't received a seconds list since October of 2012.
Alden Full-strap, low vamp loafer in burgundy calf, 7.5D. Model 683, Aberdeen last. Shoes come with Alden Box and (if I can find them) bags. I believe the photos capture the signs of wear, which I regard as trivial, though you may not. I think they need new top-lifts. $75, inclusive of Paypal fees and shipping CONUS. I'd be happy to take more photos, to clarify your sense of the shoes. I'm aware that some of these images could be better.
Try these. Mine have served me well and they're cheap:
Are the pebble-grained Long Wingtips made by AE? Different color than the AE pebble MacNeils? Thanks.
Me, too. I didn't post about it, thinking it'd be resolved in the redesign. No such luck.
Did yopu perhaps post the wrong photos of the second tie? That doesn't look brown . . .
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