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Had the No. 8 Leffot Ivy in my shopping cart. Thought I'd completed checkout but an hour after I'd filled everything out I found I hadn't hit submit. No longer available. Apparently I didn't really need a pair of Venetians.
Color 8 TankerBlack captoe (all things being equal; cigar chukka if you have an attachment to the Black captoe)
Chukkas with Dainite today as the snow came down in the Midwest. Great outside. I very nearly broke my ass on a terrazzo bathroom floor once I came indoors. YMMV.
The Vass shoes in the original listing have sold. Just Alden and C&J now.
You have two wingtips, so I'd say NST, which can dress up and down quite well. Of course, no one would blame you for getting another LWB. But may I propose another alternative? WT boot. If you get it with all eyelets -- which, to my eye, makes it just a bit more elegant than with speedhooks -- it'll have tremendous range of uses.
Score from German ebay: Crockett Jones for "Alt-Wien"
+1I'm a TTS 7.5D and the 7D in the LWB is just right.
I'm terribly sorry. I was innocently calling on the assumption that the message on the site -- "please call to place order" -- was simply their normal routine when shoes were out of stock. I expected to call, place the order, receive the discount, and proceed. I had no reason to believe that the sale posting was a mistake prior to the call.
Well, I had to. When I originally tried to order on line, the system displayed the message that the shoe could be shipped from the factory and that I should call the store to place the order.
Odd exchange when I called TSM. All the shoes in which I was interested were out of stock. They could have them drop shipped. Sale price wouldn't be honored. I was told that Aldens were not on sale; that they never go on sale. When I politely urged that the person have a look at the website, I was told that it must be mistaken. Perhaps others will have a different experience.
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