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Julius (ram) leather Tankfarm Nudie Zara
Good deal (120$) on a nice spring/summer-y shirt (Stephen Schneider, size 3 - XS/S). I would buy it instantly if I wasn't out of cash these days. But I think someone will be very happy with it at that price.
I had these up for sale 2 months ago but with summer right around the corner, thought I'd put them back up. I'm shipping from Montreal, so shipping costs 20$ to the US or 12$ to Canada. Undercover sneakers (will fit a size 8.5 or 9US best) Pic 2 : closeup Pic 3 : sole + frontshot Pic 4 : heel Bought these off SuFu but unfortunately they're too small for me. I can't find the tagged size but IIRC the previous seller said they were a size 42. But they def. fit smaller...
^ Nice fit on those jeans, they look great. What are the shoes & jeans?
F+B boots are SOLD. I dropped the Undercover sneakers to 125$ + shipping. For the JtG suit and the PS boots, I'll offer free shipping 'till this week-end. That's a 20$ difference for you US residents.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Cosign on some sort of collared leather. I know Dis said he's not interested in any RO/Julius-type joints, but there are other styles out there. x4. I'm in the market for that kind of leather jacket too and I would insta-buy.
Final price drops on every item. I'm keeping them after that. Thanks for looking
Even more price drops. I'll consider any reasonable offer too.
10$ drops on all 3 shoes. The PS boots are now only 95$!
10$ price drops off everything.
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