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Stephen Schneider shirt Stephen Schneider moleskin pants + a pair of 19cm in indigo
Price drop: 100$ shipped.
^^ Yep, those are the one. Really nice jeans with a fantastic cut. But from my experience, you should size-up if you've got bigger hips as they're really slim in the seat/thighs/hips.
Hey, can I get measurements for the RO jacket? You can PM me if you want or edit it in the OP. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Raf overcoat Dries suit N. Hoolywood shirt Jil Sander shoes This looks really sharp.
^^ Thanks buddy! Price drop: 120$ shipped! (You save 25$ on my last price)
Quote: Originally Posted by Bring The Noise not a stickler for brand synergy or anything, I have a hard time believing that Quote: but the jacket is a bit...incongruous with the rest Care to explain how a jacket with a pretty simple design is incongruous worn with a tee, jeans and boots? I'm genuinely curious to hear the answer.
Julius (ram) leather Tankfarm Nudie Zara
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude it's because of montreal. fucking quebecois motherfuckers; we should have let them separate from canada. renaming "canadian cocksuckers" to "quebecois cocksuckers" would be 100% more appropriate ps. uncontrol is from montreal fwiw I won't ruin a potentially epic thread with a political/cultural debate/piss-contest, but I just wanted to take this moment to point out what a fucking idiot you are.
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