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Is the right pair CP in suede?
Yeah, I had it for like a week or something (bought off SuFu). Since I'm like a size 35 (between XS and S), I couldn't fit in it while staying comfortable, so I had to sell it. And yeah, the armholes are VERY high, you absolutely need to wear it with a shirt that has armholes just as high or else it's an extremely unpleasant experience each time you wear it, hahaha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin Viridi Anne blazer from gwydion Looks good Vashin. What's the shirt?
Junk's fits aren't as bad as the comments they're getting. Does he look sharp? No. Can the fits be improved? Sure. But they certainly don't deserve the pile-on of mockery they're getting. The fit of his shirts, while not perfect, are pretty decent. His pants fit funny because of his large hips. The shoes are unspectacular but certainly 'SF-approved'.
More price drops. I need these things gone, so I will consider any reasonable offer or trade (I'm a size XS in tops, 31 in pants, 9.5US in shoes).
Price drops on the Zara polo (I'll throw it in for free with any purchase), the APC chinos and the Stephen Schneider pants. The Undercover sneakers are now on eBay, the starting bid is only 40$!
I like the ones on the left better.
Price drops on 9 of the 10 remaining items.
More price drops (on the sneakers, the suit and the 2 pair of pants). Here's a fit pic of Fuuma wearing the SS moleskin pants, to give you an idea of how they look worn.
Price drops on most items.
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