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Sorry for the crappy pictures, but they were taken late at night with 0 natural light.. and even the artificial light in my room sucks. I could use some feedback on how those (waxed) jeans fit. After looking at the pics, I feel like they'd look better if I had the thighs slimmed down a little (but that's only half of the problem.. the other half is my life-long-curse of having big hips). Thoughts?
Thanks for the comments guys. @junebugmm: I don't have a choice, I need the money unfortunately. You should buy them RG pants, GATs and FASR bomber are all sold. Price drops on the Julius leather, RRL shirt and Raf sneakers.
Some price drops.
I gotta sell some stuff to finance another purchase non-clothing related. I'm shipping from Montreal, so shipping costs 15$ to the US or 10$ to Canada. Of course, buy more than one piece and save on shipping, and I'll even make you a better price if you take more than 1 item. If you need more info (measurements, questions, pictures), don't hesitate to PM me! ADDED. DIOR HOMME grey v-neck sweater Size XS - fits TTS Made in Italy, 100% wool Awesome pinhole detailing all...
Just got these a few days ago.. but since buying them (2 weeks ago), something came up and I need money ASAP. So I'm putting them back up for sale. Size 42 (9US) Price: 180$ + shipping (15 to the US, 10 to Canada)
(Edit: nevermind, it was a misunderstanding.)
Oh, and...
Fuckkk, nice. I believe we're the same shoe size (41 in CP, 42/9US in most brands?), if you decide to sell them, let me know.
The SS pants and the FP polo have been sold. I decided to keep the JtG suit. I dropped the price even more on the APC chinos and the Undercover sneakers. I can't believe those sneakers are still up for sale at that price.
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